About Stonefield

Our team of professionals has years of experience in the construction industry, as designers, project managers, and craftsman. We are proud of our lasting relationship with experienced and talented sub-contractors and vendors, and we are confident in trusting our customer’s homes to this select group.

Passionate Desire To Build Long Term

We are a small group of individuals who have a passionate desire to build for the long term. We work hard and are not satisfied with “good enough.” We take great pride in our work, and we take our responsibility to you seriously. Whether it is making sure a design detail is just right, finding the perfect product for your home, or making sure that your home is built strong, solid, and will be a great investment for generations. That’s what we do each day.

Homes Built To Last

Creating a home built to last, and to provide beauty means so much more than pounding nails and wood. It means collaborating with owners, listening to what they want in their home, and working together with others in the process. We strive to create and build the best possible home within your budget and desires. Building together leads to projects of beauty…a home you want to come home to; you feel good when you walk thru the door…a home that gives you that quiet place we often seek…a “livable” space where you can create memories and enjoy!

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