How our design process works.

We work together with you to create the home and living environment that you desire. We believe it’s our responsibility to provide creativity, construction excellence and homes with great spaces.

Normally we would meet with you either in our office or on site to determine what you are seeking and if what we do will meet your needs. We are strong believers in creating relationships that last, and we will stand by you through the entire process making certain that things go as smoothly and calmly as possible. We believe in truthful relationships, and that being candid with each other is a requirement for a successful project.

You need to trust and be comfortable that we can do the job for you. From day one we will provide you with samples of our work and if you would like referrals we provide names of previous clients. Our objective is to work with people who appreciate excellent design, people who understand that what we do has true value, and people whom when we have completed their project often become our friends.

How our building process works.

Our project manager will be on-site as needed, which can mean daily when significant work is being done on site. We work hard at communicating personally with you, being respectful of your time and what you would like from us in this part of the process.

Work on your project will be completed by a group of skilled tradesmen, craftsmen and vendors. We take great pride in the fact we have a talented internal group of artisans who do much of the stone masonry and finish carpentry Our group of professionals will always treat your home like your home, and not just a construction site, and you can always feel confident that this is a group you can trust.

Our goal is to create excellent design, comfortable and usable environments, and to design spaces and places that you and your family or business can take pleasure in for years.

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